A downloadable game

This game is inspired by the game jam project: https://chinyone.itch.io/motherhouseofhorror

The game will be basically a rebuild of the originall prototype but with all the features we planned for the game:

Feature List:

- Useable Tools: e.g. Flashlight

- Escape Room Mechanics

- Inventory

- Inspectable Objects

- Cutscenes

- Dialog and Subtitles

- Damage & Health System

- Basic Character Controlls

- Gamepad Support

The current plot:

You are an Youtuber that makes debunk videos about lost places. The protagonist hears about a story of a lost house in a forest nearby. People on the internet say the place is haunted and people went missing in the area. A while ago a priest in a church near the area, got lost and has never been found. 

The protagonist is intrigued by that story and decides to go visit the place. Therefore he gears up and drives to the location with the information he got from the internet about the area. He decides to camp in the forest that lays ahead of the suspicios house, that is people say is haunted. 

at midnight our protagonist makes his way through the forest to find the place. He discovers the church and a pathway to the haunted house. But when he enters the building finally, some unexpected events occur...